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In recent years, the market environment has been changing rapidly, especially in the digital (IT / Web) domain, which is full of new technologies and keywords such as cloud, big data, AI, IoT, VR, AR, and blockchain. Competitive global IT companies have been evolving and strengthening their power every day and changing the structure and order of existing businesses.

It is becoming increasingly indispensable for business people to keep up with social trends and improve their careers in line with the times, with a view to a medium- to long-term career plan. However, it is not easy to catch a recruitment situation while adapting to sudden changes in the environment, and to meet the hiring needs of companies and win a job offer in day to day busy circumstance.

Therefore, we specialize in introducing human resources in the advertising, IT, and web industries, and constantly provide latest information on new hiring demands, such as special or undisclosed requests from executives.

Furthermore, our HR consultants with ample experience in advertising and digital marketing industries and have undergone environmental changes in real time rather than general and superficial industry knowledge deeply understand recruitment trends, needs and tips as well as web advertising and marketing measures.

That enables us to conduct highly specialized communication with our experienced job seekers, and to provide job change support services that are more in line with your wishes.

We DigiMarJob is committed to support the career change and career building of those who continue to challenge to create a better future and contribute to strengthen the competitive base in Japan by optimizing human resources in the digital domain.

Our Three Key Strengths

Specialized in Advertising, IT, Web industries | High-Class Career Agency

Specialized in Advertising, IT, Web industries | High-Class Career Agency

Recruitment Services Specialized in Advertising, IT, and Web Industries

We specialize in introducing highly specialized personnel such as Sales, Planners, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, etc., to advertising agencies, ad techs, media, business firms, strategy consultant firms, and web production companies, etc.

Our Dedicated HR Consultants from Your Industry

Our Dedicated HR Consultants from Your Industry

Deep Understanding of Industry Structure and Business Models

With our HR consultants’ wealth of experience and achievements in the industry as well as the deep understanding of the field, business models and job contents, and the up-to-date information and expertise, we are confident to be able to propose based on your exact recruitment needs.

Rare High-Class Job Opportunities and Superb Registrants

Rare High-Class Job Opportunities and Superb Registrants

Remarkable Matching Results

With our unique network and know-how, we have abundant matching achievements between the companies such as foreign-affiliated companies with rare high-class recruitment needs and our finest job seekers such as specialists / managers with annual income of over 10 million yen.

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Ad Techs
  • Business Firms
  • Strategy Consultant Firms
  • Media
  • Web Production Companies

Our TeamSpecialists at DigiMarJob

代表取締役 菊地光明

CEO Biography

Mitsuaki Kikuchi

Engaged in the digital advertising business from the early days of the Internet, and after managing sales divisions in a major traditional advertising agency (in digital department), Microsoft Japan (in advertising department) and a global AdTech company, he ambitiously established Digitize, Inc. in 2013 as a Founder.
In 2014, he launched a recruitment agency “ DigiMarJob” specialized in digital marketing industry for exclusively high-class job seekers, which has never been in the industry in the past.

As a partner walking along with professionals, he is committed to support their career buildings that open up their future.

Our Clients

  • 電通デジタル
  • 博報堂DYデジタル
  • ADK
  • Ogilvy&Mather
  • group m
  • LINE
  • 楽天
  • DMM.com
  • IMJ
  • theTradeDesk
  • App Annie